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It is important that is when fitting a new fire protection system you consider all aspects of the installation. It is important that you educate yourself as well by speaking to your local fire brigade and getting them to not only advise on the installation but also do a safety check afterwards.

The reason is because people who have had fire protection valves fitted wrongly or dry riser valves installed the wrong way have found out that in the event of an emergency their system did not work properly.

Here is some information on fire safety valves:

Twin inlet dry riser valves

This is the main inlet that is usually encased in a box either fixed on the wall or in the wall. They are usually external so that the fire service can have access to them and it is important that they are maintained to the highest levels as this is where the water is pumped into them.

You can also have one of the dry riser valves to accept foam as well, this is particularly important if you have a electrical fire.

Quadruple inlet dry riser valves

These are the same as the twin intellect dry riser valves but you have more inlets so you can pump extra water through the pipes. This is needed if you have more than two floors or a large area that will need a lot of water to put out the fire.

Landing dry riser valves

These are the valves that connect into each floor so that the fire service can attach their hoses and use water that is pumped from them into the room to put out any fire.

Air release dry riser valves

If you are using a drive system then it is important that the air release valves are working and are of a good quality. If these are not working properly the air may not be released quick enough from the system and water will not be able to be pumped through the pipes.

Drain dry riser valves

These are especially important as they need to be working to be work properly and safely to prevent any flooding when the system is being used.

It is always important to maintain your system and use a professional company to keep everything in working order. By using a certified fire protection company you will know that all of their valves are up to UK and European safety standards.

Also seeking the advice of your local fire service is always important as they will need to check that the valves that have been fitted are correct for their equipment. The reason is because they will be the ones that are putting out the fire and will be using your system.

One of the best places to find a good fire protection company is to go online as there are some very professional firms that can come round and give you an inspection and also advise you on the best safety routes take.

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